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Here are a few of the testimonials we have received at The Ark:

Laura Bywater - (May 2016): I feel so lucky to have Sally and Nigel care for my two most prized possessions. They run in through the front door in the morning without looking back and I struggle to get them out of the front door in the evening.  The Ark really stood out over the other childcare options I initially looked at and I feel I made the perfect choice.  I love the dual home and playgroup settings which ensure a home from home environment as well as lots of interaction with other children and larger groups. I love the fact that Sally and Nigel are full time, hands on carers which replicates our home setting and ensures a secure, friendly, fun and stimulating environment with both male and female influences.  My children love the weekly day trips out and about where they visit some super places which are often the topic of conversation at home.  They have seen more places and visited more attractions in the North West than us!  I really feel that both Sally and Nigel are exceptional in their commitment to facilitating every aspect of my children's development.  They go that extra mile to ensure the needs of each individual child is met.  The activities, facilities and resources they have on offer are second to none and there is so much fun (and learning!)in everything they do.  I feel very reassured that my children are receiving the best care possible.  I could not ask for anything more.

Abby Wright - (October 2015): My eldest daughter attended The Ark Playgroup for a year and loved it! The sessions are really well planned and organised and the children are very happy to be there. I loved doing my parent help sessions as they really were fun and it’s so lovely to see all the children interacting and enjoying the activities. I have made some good friends from playgroup too, who I still meet up with for play dates and trips to the pub (without kids) even though Georgia no longer attends. When a childminding place became free with Sally & Nigel for my youngest daughter I jumped at the chance and I’m so glad that I did. Josephine is a really happy and chilled out baby and I was  worried that she may get a little lost in a nursery setting. The Ark is perfect for us, an inspired mix of playgroup and childminding so that Josephine gets the best of both worlds – interaction with lots of other children and more one on one time. They are like family to Josephine and she is always so happy to see them. They work really hard to make sure she’s included in all of the activities even though she’s still only a baby and can’t fully appreciate everything that they do yet. I trust Sally & Nigel implicitly with the safety and wellbeing of both of my  children and just thank my lucky stars that I found them!

Nicola Emmett - (August 2015): I am absolutely delighted that my children attend the Ark Childminding.  It is a great setting (both at home and at the Toddle and Play Groups) filled with varied activities that support the children to learn and develop, and most importantly the children are loved and cared for.  I think it’s great that Sally, Nigel and Janice work together as a team - this creates a family environment.  My daughter attended the Ark from being a toddler and when I needed some childcare for my youngest when he was just four months, I didn’t hesitate to have the team take care of him.  Both my children love the Ark.

Leanne Eldridge (May 2015): Ava absolutely thrives at the Ark childminding. Sally and Nigel are fantastic and are like family. They provide a caring, safe and exciting environment for the children they care for. They provide stimulating learning opportunities that help each child develop to reach their potential.

Ava loves going to Sally and Nigel's. The Ark toddler group has helped her confidence being around other children and adults. We are so grateful for the care and attention they give our daughter. Thank you!

Rebekah: My 2 daughters have loved coming to The Ark; Sally is such a warm, friendly, amazingly "professional" and highly talented lady. My girls will be most sad to leave The Ark-it has been a wonderful time for them & their lives have been enriched for meeting Sally & her assistant, Janice. Their teamwork makes for a fantastic playgroup experience! Also, any angst I had about leaving my "baby" with Sally whilst I worked is more than overcome by knowing what a fantastic time she has at The Ark and how loving & kind both Sally & Janice are towards her. I cannot praise them highly enough; they are truly 'Outstanding'!

Emma Watkinson: To Sally,Thanks for helping to settle Sam in so well. It has made my return to work much less stressful. I am glad he is having such fun every day!

Janice Blair: This family, is like my extended family! You will be given a warm welcome into this fabulous home setting. All the children in Sally's care are totally happy to be there, in fact the problems with the children start when they have to go home! Even my son! Oh & a fantastic assistant too!!! Well done Sally x x

Joanne Foster: I love your Info and your The Ark Layout. Your ofsted report is fantastic to read and you are great at what you do! I hope in time to learn many great things from a talented lady like your self.

Kirsty Anderton: Well Done Sally. An extremely informative and well designed website. As we expected it shows your dedication, professionalism, passion and care you have for your childminding and most importantly, the children in your care. We know you are amazing and we are glad that everyone else that views your website will see it too.

Nikki Clememts: Both my children love going to Sally's. She is an excellent childminder and my benchmark is that my children never want to come home!! They have lots of fun, as well as learn and they are always stimulated through the various activities that Sally does with them (as evidenced in her photos). I highly recommend her as a childminder (Erin & Annie's mum).

Lisa Ellis: The website is brilliant - just like you and your wonderful childminding service. Smarty pants!!! X


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